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Here you will find all the information you need to find your way around the Hallenstadion.

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Frequently asked questions


Where and how can I order tickets for events at the Hallenstadion?

You can order tickets for any event via our website. Go to the page for the event in question and look for the box office link «Buy tickets» button.

Who sets the ticket prices?

Ticket prices are determined exclusively by the organiser of the event, such as Gadget abc Entertainment Group AG or Good News Productions AG for concerts and ZLE Betriebs AG for ZSC Lions home games.

Is there a box office when concert tickets are sold out?

Generally speaking, if a concert is sold out there won’t be a box office.

How can I get tickets if a concert is sold out?

Tickets are available from various websites, on exchange platforms and via radio promotions.
Beware, protect yourself from the ticket trap. Only buy tickets from authorised ticket resellers from the secondary ticket market (such as Ticketcorner, Ticketmaster, See Tickets). Often, unauthorised resellers (such as Viagogo, Alltickets,,, Onlineticketsshop, Wolrdticketshop, Vienna, Ticketoffice or Ticketbande) pay extra to appear as the first offer hit in Google or Bing searches.

Food & drink

Where can I get food and drink?

Our extensive range of takeaway establishments and bars are available at all events. At a number of events, you also have the option of enjoying a superb meal at one of our restaurants as you eagerly await the stars on stage. Please use our online tool to reserve a table and receive direct confirmation of your reservation. An overview of open restaurants is available here.

Can I bring my own food to the Hallenstadion?

No, bringing your own food and drink to the venue is not generally permitted.

Cloakroom / banned items

Is there a cloakroom service at every event?

There is usually a cloakroom at events.

Which objects are banned from the Hallenstadion and will be confiscated by the security staff?

– All drinks in glass bottles, cans, PET bottles and Tetra Pak containers
– Aerosol cans, colouring, corrosive or otherwise harmful substances
– Food of any kind
– Drugs
– Liquids in glass vessels, cans or other containers
– Professional cameras, video cameras and recording devices of any kind, selfie sticks
– Laptops, tablets
– Weapons of all kinds, objects that could be used as weapons or projectiles, laser pointers
– Large sports bags, holdalls or large rucksacks (bigger than 21 x 29.7 cm)
– Sports equipment such as roller skates or scooters
– Banners, signs larger than A2 size or flags with a pole length of over 1 metre
– Fireworks, sparklers, smoke flares and other pyrotechnic items, including launching devices
– Animals
– Objects, items of clothing and/or media with racist, xenophobic, violent or discriminatory prints or content
This list is not exhaustive and may be added to at the event organiser’s discretion.
Prohibited items can be deposited for a fee at drop-off points next to both main entrances on Wallisellenstrasse. For more information, please see our Stadium rules.

Can I also hand in these prohibited / too large items?

Yes, we have drop-off points outside the arena, in front of the entrance, where such items can be deposited for a fee until after the event.

Can I take my camera or video camera to an event?

Generally speaking, taking photographs or filming is not permitted. Pocket-sized cameras may be permitted on a case-by-case basis. The rules are defined by the organiser of the particular event.

Can I take my dog with me to an event?

It is not permitted to take animals to an event.
Exceptions are made for guide dogs or assistance dogs accompanying people who require their support.
We recommend contacting the event organiser in advance to book a disabled seat in order to ensure that there is enough room for your four-legged companion.


What’s the best and quickest way of getting to the Hallenstadion?

You will find information about your journey and parking options under the menu items Public transport, Private transport and Parking options.

Are the Hallenstadion and Messe Zürich part of the same site?

AG Hallenstadion and Messe Zürich are two separate companies and are run independently of one another. For information on Messe Zürich, see here.

Is it possible to visit the Hallenstadion outside of events?

The Hallenstadion runs tours for groups and individuals. A tour of the Hallenstadion gives you an exciting insight into the running of the venue and behind the scenes of an event. For more information, see here.

Can I book a box for a one-off event?

Some of our boxes can be booked on a one-off basis for an event of your choice. For more information on boxes at the Hallenstadion and online reservations, see here.

Where is the lost property office?

The lost property office is located at the porter’s lodge behind the main east entrance, on the Messe Zürich side.

Telephone +41 44 316 77 77

Is the Hallenstadion a wireless hotspot?

The Hallenstadion is a Hotspot Telecommunications partner

Where is the nearest ATM?

The Hallenstadion has a ZKB cash machine in the foyer, on the tram loop side. Outside the Hallenstadion, the nearest ATM is at Messe Zürich.

Can I smoke in the Hallenstadion?

In accordance with Section 1 of the Swiss Federal Act on Protection against Passive Smoking, the Hallenstadion is classed as a publicly accessible space, so smoking is prohibited throughout the entire venue.

However, smoking zones have been set up inside and outside the Hallenstadion to ensure that smokers have an appropriate space for their needs. These are signposted on site.

What kind of accommodation is available near the Hallenstadion?

There are a number of hotels of different kinds in the vicinity of the Hallenstadion. See here for more information about hotels.

How can I pay at the Hallenstadion? Advance ticket sales:

Advance ticket sales: credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), EC/Maestro, PostCard
Restaurants: cash payment (Swiss francs & euro notes), credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), EC/Maestro, PostCard
Takeaways in the Foyer and as well as the front Takeaway on the 1st & 2nd levels: cash payment (Swiss francs), Cashfree (MasterCard, Visa, EC/Maestro)
Remaining take-aways on the 1st & 2nd level in the interior as well as at the glacé stand: cash payment only (Swiss francs & euro notes)


There is no law in Switzerland prohibiting people under a certain age from attending an event. It is up to parents or legal guardians to decide whether to let their children attend an event at the Hallenstadion without being accompanied by an adult. Legal regulations on the sale of alcohol and tobacco to young people apply within the Hallenstadion.

In certain cases, the event organiser may specify a minimum age from which young people may attend an event without being accompanied by an adult. Please contact the event organiser in the event of any enquiries.

There are two toilets equipped with changing tables in the foyer.

Lost property office

Did you lose or find something?

Our lost property office is located at the porter’s lodge at the main east entrance on the Messe Zürich side and is open during normal office hours.

Contact: +41 44 316 77


Please note that each event may have specific features that result in changes to the infrastructure, sector breakdown or layout specified here. The definitive sector breakdown will be displayed at the event or can be viewed via the advance ticket sales link for the respective event.

Location map Hallenstadion

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