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StarLounge Club


As a member of this club, you get a selected quota of StarLounge packages (20, 30, 40 or more). You can use these at specific events, with up to 30 seats per event.

  • Whenever possible, you will be informed of events before advance bookings officially open, so you can secure your StarLounge seats straight away.
  • Use your personal login details to book your StarLounge seats yourself (these are allocated on a first come, first served basis).
  • After choosing your quota of packages, you simply pay the entire amount in one go. After that, you’re free to choose your events without incurring further costs for individual bookings.
  • Extra benefits: 5 valet parking slots and a ‘Walk of Fame’ tour
  • Your quota can be used over the course of two years. If you exhaust your quota before that time, simply book new packages whenever you like.

The Hallenstadion StarLounge

The StarLounge offers the following facilities:

  • High tables and chairs, lounge area and bar.
  • TV screens
  • Lockable glass wall with privacy screen to separate from the ARENA interior
  • Checkroom and WC at the suite reception

The Hallenstadion StarLounge

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